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Refrigeration System

Ensuring Maximum Efficiency

There is no doubt that by maintaining your air conditioning system properly, you can retain its efficiency significantly. Needless to say, the lifestyle cost of any system increases if they are not adequately maintained, and air conditioners are the same. Due to a loss in their efficiency, they tend to use more power to operate. Proper servicing of your air conditioning units from time to time not only increases the efficiency of the system by enhancing its life but also helps you save a significant amount by reducing the running costs.

Although it can be tricky to ascertain whether your air conditioning and refrigeration is an emergency, delaying such service more often than not can lead to much more extensive damage to the system. Precisely for this reason, it’s best to rely on professionals to determine the extent of repairs needed.

This is where Power Air Conditioning and Refrigeration come in. With us, you can rest assured knowing that help is never far away. Our 24/7 call-out services are available 365 days of the year which ensures that we can provide you expert support and help in the most prompt manner.

Refrigeration Systems

How Can We Help?

For years now, Power Air Conditioning and Refrigeration have been one of the most efficient and professional companies around, providing expert cooling solutions through a comprehensive range of services. Whatever your air conditioning and refrigeration needs are, we put a lot of stress on ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Our extensive pool of trained and qualified air conditioning and refrigeration engineers will optimise your system so that they deliver not only maximum energy efficiency but also superior indoor air quality and perfect air distribution.

Refrigeration Services

What We Do

  • Check whether the amount of refrigerant is correct or not.
  • Use a leak detector to determine refrigerant leaks.
  • Remove any amount of refrigerant that must be evacuated from the system.
  • Check and seal duct leakages in central systems.
  • Make sure that the heating and cooling system doesn’t operate simultaneously.
  • Inspect all electric terminals and tighten connections. If necessary, we can also provide a protective coating.
  • Check whether the thermostat is accurate or not.

There are several other servicing aspects we cater to. But what’s fascinating is that we provide our services at a price which can be afforded by everyone. Charging an exorbitant price from our clients has never been our forte and will never be.

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