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Prompt Air Conditioning Installation in Western Sydney

Need a new air conditioning unit installed? Needless to say, installing an air conditioning unit is tricky, so the prospect of a DIY approach is simply out of the question. This is why getting your air conditioning unit installed by professionals is imperative. Although there are many professionals who usually specify and price air conditioning units over the phone, we here at Power Air Conditioner and Refrigeration don’t prefer it. We feel that any information gathered over the phone can be very inadequate and basic.

Precisely for this reason, we arrange a free in-house visit to access your air conditioning system comprehensively. Based on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can help you install your air conditioning unit in the most hassle-free manner. While installing your air conditioners, we will consider several factors to make the whole process a bit smoother.

Site-specific factors

Before you can realise the economic value and full comfort of your air conditioners, we will help you consider certain site-specific factors. For instance, if your house is facing south or the sunny side, it will pose a set of air-conditioning challenges that are entirely different from a house that faces north amongst trees. Similarly, a house situated on top of the hill is more humid than one which is located in a valley.

Product-specific factors

Gone are the days when most people considered bigger air conditioner units to be better. Larger-sized units cool the air far too rapidly which ensures that the unit runs excessively and switches itself on and off with annoying frequency. We will guide you to ascertain your cooling needs after having inspected your unit.

Why do you need professional installation?

The air conditioner of your house will usually be integrated with several ventilation and heating components. Installing these units requires expertise in plumbing, ductwork, electricity, digital controls, building codes, and environmental regulations. But that’s not a problem for us since we have knowledge of a wide range of technologies and skills required to install air conditioners in the best possible manner.

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